A Little About Seazar’s

The Seazars Fine Wine & Spirits shop was opened for business in 1996 by local San Antonio entrepreneuers Richard Azar II and Donny Seay; thus the contracted name of ‘Sea-zars’ was born. These two gentlemen were originally both customers of a legendary wine shop in the neighborhood called Jack Evans Spirits Shoppe, later taking the name Fine Spirits, Inc., when owned by another local businessman, Gil Kargl. As Gil was winding down his business, Seazars was opened with the same business philosophy: to serve the San Antonio market in the incomparable manner as was offered by the Fine Spirits, Inc. operation. The main improvement over the humble Fine Spirits store was their creation of an elegant, well-appointed wine shop atmosphere with a walk-in wine room. This completed the ‘service first with a flair for the finest things life can offer’ philosophy so well defined at Fine Spirits, Inc.

After ten years of building their business at Seazars as well as acquiring most of the older chain store operations in the city (Don’s & Ben’s, Western Beverages, and Mike’s Beverages) Richard and Donny decided to sell to the Gabriel Family who at the time owned and operated seven stores around San Antonio. Additionally, Don White, the long-time manager of Fine Spirits, Inc. took over the management of Seazars which further advanced the ‘fine spirits served in fine spirit’ reputation initiated by the original owners of Seazars. The current team at Seazars is dedicated to maintaining this high tradition of service so appreciated by our fine clientele.